High Blood Pressure

Up to £3460 plus reasonable travel expenses or transport provided

About This clinical research study

MAC Clinical Research is currently conducting a clinical trial to evaluate an investigational drug for hypertension (high blood pressure). Untreated hypertension can increase the risk of several other health problems, including heart attack, so it is important to treat high blood pressure (BP).

While several treatments already exist, many patients do not respond adequately to these BP medications and research to discover better treatments is needed.

Up to £3460 plus reasonable travel expenses or transport provided


Greater Manchester Early Phase

Therapy Area


Gender and Age

Males and Females aged 18 - 65

A full description of the study will be given before you decide to take part, both over the phone and during an appointment at a MAC clinic. This will include you receiving the full patient information sheet and an opportunity to ask the study doctor any questions.

If you contact us, it does not mean you have to decide at that point whether to participate.
If you do decide to participate you are free to withdraw at any time.

There will be approx. 19 outpatient visits plus 2 x 2-night residential stays included in these are 3 DEXA scan visits. There is a chance you may be followed up with additional visits to check your AGT (angiotensinogen protein) levels, and the total time in the study may be up to 9 to 18 months. There is no certainty that you will receive any medical benefit from taking part in this study.

Reimbursement: If you are eligible and decide to participate, we will provide reasonable travel expenses or transport to and from the clinic, including travel to the DEXA facility in York and you will receive £3460 for your time and commitment.

Key Inclusion Criteria

Key Exclusion Criteria

Other eligibility criteria will apply. Please contact MAC for more information.

If you are eligible, you will receive a comprehensive health screen. Your GP will be fully informed of your participation and provided with any information relevant to your healthcare.


Clinical research studies are performed as a way of bringing about progress in medicine and research. Clinical research studies make it possible to scientifically assess the properties of a drug, to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of a treatment or a medical device, or to learn more about a disease and methods to diagnose and monitor it.

If the study is successful, it may be an important step towards developing a promising new treatment.

MAC Clinical Research is conducting a trial to evaluate a potential new treatment for high blood pressure.

If you would like more information, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch…

Alternatively, please call our recruitment team on freephone 0800 633 5507.

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