Depression Clinical Trial

Reimbursement: £2580 to £2630, plus reasonable travel expenses reimbursed

About This clinical research study

Clinical research trials are performed as a way of bringing about progress in medicine and research. Clinical research projects make it possible to scientifically assess the properties of a medication, to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of a treatment or a medical device, and to learn more about a disease and methods to diagnose and monitor it.

There is an unmet need for new and improved treatments to help those suffering from recurrent depression. Many people do not respond appropriately or suffer side-effects from current approved medications, which can result in patients not taking them.

The purpose of this trial is to test the study medication GM-2505, which is being developed for the treatment of depression. GM-2505 is expected to have similar effects as the psilocybin (the active component in magic mushrooms) and DMT (the active component in ayahuasca), both of which are known to have psychedelic effects on the body. Both psilocybin and DMT are also being investigated for the treatment of depression.

Reimbursement: £2580 to £2630, plus reasonable travel expenses reimbursed.


Lancashire, Merseyside and West Yorkshire

Therapy Area

Mental Health

Gender and Age

Males and Females aged 18 - 65

A full description of the study will be given before you decide to take part, both over the phone and during an appointment at a MAC clinic. This will include you receiving the full Patient Information Sheet.

In this study you will be given two doses of medication two weeks apart under supervision of the clinic staff. Blood samples will be taken at regular intervals to measure the absorption of the medication by your body. You will be required to visit the MAC clinic at least eight (8) times and have at least five (5) virtual visits. The study is expected to last for approximately fourteen (14) weeks.

Reimbursement: £2580 to £2630, plus reasonable travel expenses reimbursed.

Key Inclusion Criteria

Key Exclusion Criteria

Other eligibility criteria will apply. Please contact MAC for more information.

If you are eligible you will receive a comprehensive health screen. Your GP will be fully informed of your participation and provided with any information relevant to your healthcare.

If you would like more information, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch…

Alternatively, please call our recruitment team on freephone 0800 633 5507.

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